Financial Aid

Cost of university education can be a major concern for many students and their families. But tuition fees and other expenses at UODA are among the lowest in the country. In meeting their university costs at UODA, students can expect some financial assistance from part-time employment, and some from scholarships and stipends.

UODA offers financial aid/Scholarship to students under the provision of Private University Act 2010, where students of UODA can apply in the following categories:

1. 1,00,000 taka (One lac taka) waiver in tuition fees based on GPA 5 in both SSC and HSC exam.

2. 50,000 taka (Fifty thousand taka) waiver in tuition fees based on GPA 5 in SSC or HSC (any one of exam)

3. 100% waiver in tuition fees (3% quota based waiver ) for the children of freedom fighters of liberation war. Entitle of freedom fighter quota is subject to verification from the concerned Ministry.

4. 15% waiver in tuition fees for all tribal students.

5. 15% waiver in tuition fees for the physically impaired students.

6. 10 % waiver in tuition fees for all female students.

7. Financial Aid based on poor and meritorious student from under developed areas (3% quota based waiver).

8. Financial Aid based on siblings studying together at UODA.

The Financial Assistance Office at UODA is committed to helping students within the limits of available funds, depending on individual academic performance and financial needs of the student. For more information on the process, please contact the Registrar or the Financial Assistance office.