Admission Requirements

Admission Going on Spring Session 2024

Fresher reception will be held on 9th July 2024.

Required grade levels for admission:

  • SSC and HSC with minimum GPA of 2.50 in each (except for Music, Fine Arts) or a GPA of 2.00 in either SSC or HSC but with a combined GPA of 6.00 in both SSC and HSC or a combined GPA of 5.00 in both SSC and HSC. For children of freedom fighters father's / mother's certificate of joining the Libration War has to be provided
  • '0' level - at least 5 subjects  and 'A' level at least 2 subjects.  From both these 7 subjects Minimum Grade B in 4 subjects (GPA- 4) and grade 'C' (GPA-3.5) in three subject.
  • A 12-year Higher Secondary School Education from the SAARC countries.