Undergraduate Course Curricula (Pharmacy)

Bachelor Programme

The Department of Pharmacy emphasizes a thorough understanding of pharmaceutical sciences to professional level through seminars, workshops, tutorials and topic teaching weeks. Education at the Pharmacy Department follows a broad integrated scientific course with co-ordination of teaching across several major streams of study:

  • Sources, Chemistry and Synthesis of Drug and Radio Pharmaceuticals
  • Dosage form Design, Manufacturing, Quality Control and Quality Assurance and Documentation
    Scientific basis of Therapeutic
  • Biochemistry and Bio-pharmaceutics
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • Pharmacy Practices
  • Pharmaceutical Management, Marketing, Sales & Distribution

The four-year degree course is followed by a practical training session under the supervision of Pharmacists in hospital and pharmaceutical industry to acquire professional competence. The Bachelor in Pharmacy requires 170 credits to complete. There will be a total of two semesters each year. Fall and Spring semesters will be strongly subject focused and lecture/laboratory based.

Year 1

Semester 1

Course Code       Course Title
PHARM 1101 Human Physiology & Anatomy I
PHARM 1102 Pharmaceutical Microbiology
PHARM 1102L. LAB - Microbiology
PHARM 1103 Mathematics & Biostatistics
PHARM 1104 Physical Pharmacy I
PHARM 1105 Phytochemistry I
ENG-1101 English Foundation-l
ENG-1102 English Foundation-ll
ENG-1103 English Foundation-lll
CSE-102L Computer Application Lab

Semester 2

Course Code       Course Title
PHARM 1201 Human Physiology & Anatomy II
PHARM 1201L LAB - Human Physiology
PHARM 1202 Organic Pharmacy I
PHARM 1203 Inorganic  Pharmacy 
PHARM 1203L LAB - Inorganic  Pharmacy 
PHARM  1304 Physical Pharmacy II
PHARM  1304L Lab-Physical Pharmacy
PHARM 1305 Phytochemistry II
PHARM 1305L LAB - Phytochemistry II
PHARM 1206 Biomolecular Pharmacy & Molecular Genetics

Year 2

Semester 3

Course Code       Course Title
PHARM 1301 Medicinal Chemistry I
PHARM 1301     LAB Medicinal Chemistry
PHARM 1302 Organic Pharmacy II
PHARM 1302L LAB - Organic Pharmacy II
PHARM 1303 Pharmaceutics I
PHARM 1303L      LAB - Pharmaceutics
PHARM 1304 Pharmacology I
PHARM 1304L LAB - Pharmacology
PHARM 1305 Disease Process and Pathology
PHARM 1306 Biomolecular Pharmacy & Molecular Genetics II

Semester 4

Course Code       Course Title
PHARM 1401 Medicinal Chemistry II
PHARM 1401L LAB - Medicinal Chemistry II
PHARM 1402 Pharmaceutical Analysis
PHARM 1402L LAB - Pharmaceutical Analysis
PHARM 1403 Pharmaceutics II
PHARM 1403L LAB - Pharmaceutics
PHARM 1404 Pharmacology II
PHARM 1404L LAB - Pharmacology
Pharm 1405 Environmental Science
PHARM 1406  Therapeutics

Year 3

Semester 5

Course Code       Course Title
PHARM 1501 Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics I
PHARM 1602 Cosmetology
PHARM 1802L LAB - Cosmetology
PHARM 1503 Pharmaceutics III
PHARM 1504 Pharmacology III
PHARM 1505 Pharmaceutical Quality Control & Quality Assurance-I
PHARM 1506 Pharmaceutical Technology and Engineering
PHARM 1507 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Semester 6

Course Code       Course Title
PHARM 1601 Biopharmaceutic & Pharmacokinetics II
PHARM 1601L LAB - Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics
PHARM 1602 Advanced Pharmaceutical Instrumental Analysis  I
PHARM 1603 Pharmaceutics IV
PHARM 1603L LAB -  Pharmaceutics
PHARM 1604 Pharmacology IV
PHARM 1604L LAB - Pharmacology
PHARM 1605 Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy
PHARM 1606 Veterinary Pharmacy
PHARM 1607 Business Communication
PHARM 1608 Advances in Alternative Medicine
PHARM 1609R Rotation for a  1 week  Hospital/Clinic

Year 4

Semester 7

Course Code       Course Title
PHARM 1701 Advanced Medicinal Chemistry
PHARM 1702 Radiopharmaceuticals & Toxicology
PHARM 1703 Drug Design & Delivery
PHARM 1704 Molecular Biology & Bioinformatics
PHARM 1705 Pharmaceutical Quality Control & Quality Assurance -II
PHARM 1706 Pharmaceutical Marketing
PHARM 1707 Nutraceuticals
PHARM 1708 Drug Regulatory Affairs, Ethics & Laws, Jurisprudence
PHARM 1709 Research/Project

Semester 8

Course Code       Course Title
PHARM 1801 Manufacturing Technology of Basic Chmical 
PHARM 1802 Advanced Pharmaceutical Instrumental Analysis II
PHARM 1803 Pharmacy Practice
PHARM 1804 Advanced Pharmaceutical & Review
PHARM 1805        Management & Organizational Behavior
PHARM 1806        Pharmaceutical Sales Management and Distribution
PHARM1808R Pharmaceutical Factory rotation for 4 weeks
PHARM 1809          Continuation Research/Project Work