Department of Molecular Medicine and Bioinformatics


The department of Molecular Medicine and Bio-informatics is the first of its kind as a discipline in Bangladesh. The aim of the department is to train a new generation of pharmacists and students from other disciplines in the proper blending of computer technologies to newer drug discoveries and seek cause-effect relationships between disease and polymorphisms.

Towards this objective, the department emphasizes a thorough understanding of disease processes and drugs along with data management, algorithm department and data mining. In a broader sense, bio-informatics not only covers genomics and proteomics, but also deals with how a researcher can transform genetic data to protein structure and functions. Thus a graduating student should be able to apply his knowledge to the burgeoning field of plant, microbial and animal genetics. Bio-informatics consists of the latest advances of computer applications to medical and biological sciences. It has become one of the most sought after subject in the developed world and a number of rapidly developing countries.


It will take four years of full time study to qualify for Bachelor degree in Molecular Medicine and Bio-informatics. The program is modular. It also includes external rotation, internship, projects and research work.