Graduate Course Curricula (LLM)

Master's Programme

Semester 1                                                                                      

Course Code

Course Title

LL.M  5001

Comparative Legal Theory

LL.M 5002

Development of Law and Legal Institutions in the Indian Sub- Continent from 1757 Onward

LL.M 5003

Principles of Civil Litigation

LL.M 5004

The Law of International Organizations

LL.M 5005

International Environmental Law

LL.M 5006

Gender and the Law

LL.M 5007

Social and Public Interest Litigation

LL.M 5008

Human Rights and  International Humanitarian Law 


Semester 2  

Course Code

Course Title

LL.M 5009 

Comparative Legal Systems

LL.M 5010

International Air Law

LL.M 5011

Law for Non-profit Organizations 

LL.M 5012

Principles of Equity as applied in Bangladesh

LL.M 5013

Comparative Constitutional Law

LL.M 5014

Advanced Intellectual Property Law

LL.M 5014

Advanced Intellectual Property Law

LL.M 5016