Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


The department of Fine Arts and Design offers graduate studies leading to the Master of Fine Arts degree with majors in Painting, Graphic Design and Printmaking. The student is expected to select an area of specialization and a program will be planned in consultation with the academic supervisor or the chairman of the department.  



A minimum of 66 credit hours is required for the MFA degree in Painting, Graphic Design and Printmaking. All hours  are to be counted toward graduation must have approval of the student's major adviser in the studio area of specialization. The time limit required to complete a 66-credit hour program is 6 semesters or two academic years.

After the completion of course work, all students for MFA degree must, during the final semester of academic work, present a graduate exhibition, a terminal project or a written dissertation and pass an oral examination covering 6 credits. The terminal project is a creative activity presented in lieu of the written dissertation, and the graduate exhibition is considered to satisfy the terminal project requirement.

Evaluation process and grading system will be followed according to the usual rules of the university.

This syllabus is subject to change, modification and development with the changing situation and demand.



An undergraduate degree in art or equivalent is required for admission into the Master of Fine Arts degree program.