Law and Human Rights (LLB)

The mission of UODA is to become a leading center of excellence in developing human resources. The undergraduate programme in law (LLB) provides an excellent opportunity for study in all areas of law. Studying law at UODA in this dynamic and challenging age of competition provides the candidates with an opportunity to study in an integrated but detailed manner. They get to learn how the legal field works and how the law is applied in practice. The programme also offers the opportunity to learn the skills required for effective advocacy.

Students are examined effectively through case-study based questions to test the practical knowledge and capability of a candidate, which is important in a practice-oriented subject like law. Other examination questions will help the candidates to discuss critically some particular areas of law. The exams to be held throughout the semester are class tests, mid-terms and final assignments, including viva voca. Class tests may also be held without prior notification to keep the students updated of their learning in class.

English is the medium of instruction. Candidates are expected to be fairly proficient in English.