Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)


The importance of Computer Science and Information Technology cannot be exagerated. We have to have the blessing of this technology and in fact, we are rapidly becoming dependent on it. We have to educate and equip our young generation with memory skill to face the challenges of the 21st century. UODA has designed a 4-year undergraduate program in Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) to develop professional skills in these fields. The program will provide the basics of Computer Programming, Computer Engineering, and Information System together with Mathematics, Basic Science, Languages, Economics, Accounting, Business Management and E-Commerce Technology.



The courses are designed to provide an effective and comprehensive academic training to the students on the fundamentals of computer programming and technology. It  focuses both on Software & Hardware aspects and Computer Application at  different levels.

B.Sc. program is completed within 12 semesters in 4 years .

Computer Science is a high technology discipline and an indispensable part of modern technical education. Our mission is to provide excellent education to the students and conduct research of the highest quality in specific areas with an emphasis on major research programs with producers' supports and participation.

The syllabus may be amended, developed and updated according to the demands and changing needs in national and global job markets.