Bachelor's Programme (CMS)


At the start of the new millennium we need to be more conscious than ever before that we live in a world made small by the wonders of technology and integration of global economy. This ongoing process of globalization forces us to understand the world from different perspectives and creates a demand for people with Specialist knowledge and skills.

UODA hopes to achieve this goal by taking up the responsibility for widening the horizon of consciousness of young students and helping them gain the skills needed for their successful life in an increasingly international environment. Introducing the Department of Communication and Media Studies for the first time in private sector in the country is one of  UODA's bold ventures.

The overall goals of the Department of Communication and Media Studies are:

  1. To provide rigorous lessons in the theoretical concepts, general background and communication skills necessary for students willing to pursue careers in mass communication.
  2. To facilitate academic leadership in the field, both nationally and internationally.

Our instructional goals for students seeking professional training are:

  • To give students a sense of purpose, mission and ethical perspective in their chosen field.
  • To offer a curriculum  that provides strong training in basic technical skills of mass communication balanced with course works, focusing on the theory and concepts of mass communication and a strong background in the liberal arts and sciences.
  • To emphasize their skills of written communication, particularly within professional courses.
  • To generate intellectual preparation that emphasizes the capacity to think critically and creatively, ability to solve problems effectively in professional context and ability to cope with changes in the professional world.
  • To furnish academic leadership in the field of mass communication by producing innovative and insightful research of high quality.


It will take four years of full time study to quality for a degree in Communication and Media Studies. The program offers 165 credits.

It also includes potation, internship and projects.