Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Managers of the twenty-first century must be strategic thinkers and leaders with integrity so that they can inspire commitment in others. They must have the ability to manage changes and face challenges in a globally competitive world. In the future, business environment may be more uncertain and decision-making may become  much more complex with a diversity of opportunities and threats. There is a significant shortage of innovative and pro-active managers in Bangladesh. The Department of Business Administration of UODA is committed to educating and training carefully selected young men and women who can meet the demand for managerial excellence both in quality and quantity.  

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is a professional graduate program to develop skills and judgment in an individual for effective management. The emphasis is on the development of a student's ability to evaluate business and organizational situations so as to enable him/her to make informed and build creative judgment about policy and operations. 

The university has initiated an active learning process that facilitates the business executives to gradually develop their conceptual, interpersonal and problem-solving skills. Within two years of intensive work for achieving theoretical knowledge and subsequently applying this in solving real world problems within the classroom, the students are fully equipped to work efficiently in different business situations.



The program objectives are:

  • To promote intellectual growth of students.
  • To develop competence necessary for effective management of business, government and service organizations in a dynamic environment.
  • To develop the kind of research skills necessary for dealing with various economic, social, moral and political problems.
  • To provide an environment for corporate linkages both  at national and international levels.

The normal credit requirement for the MBA degree is 60 credit hours. The students having different educational and job backgrounds may be required to earn different amount of credits.



The students who hold a Bachelor degree in any academic discipline from a recognized college or university will be eligible for admission to MBA program.


Course Curricula

For Commerce Back ground:

B. Com (hons) + M. Com

Total Courses: 16

Duration: 20 Months

Total credit hours: 48

(Each course has 3 credit hour)

For Non commerce Background:

B.A.M.A BSc, MSc,B.Com(pass)

Total Courses: 20

Duration: 24 Months

Total credit hours: 60

(each course has 3 credit hour)

For BBA Background:

Total Courses: 12

Duration: 12 Months

Total credit: 36

(each course has 3 credit hour)