Graduate Course Curricula (BGE)

Master's Programme

Year 1

Semester 1

Course Code       Course Title
BGE 5101       Applied Plant Biotechnology I
BGE 5102       Pharmaceutical Biotechnology I
BGE 5103       Applied Microbiology and Fermentation Technology I
BGE 5104       Environmental Biotechnology
BGE 5105       Protein Structure and Function
BGE 5106       Metabolic Engineering
BGE 5107       Experimental Fermentation Technology
BGE 5108       Aquaculture
BGE 5109       Inducible Gene Expression in Plants
BGE 5110       Transgenic Animals in Agriculture
BGE 5111        Marketing and Finance

Semester 2

Course Code       Course Title
BGE5201       Applied Plant Biotechnology II
BGE 5202       Pharmaceutical Biotechnology II
BGE 5203 Applied Microbiology and Fermentation Technology II
BGE 5204       Applied Biotechnology for Site Remediation
BGE 5205       Downstream Processing of Biotechnological Products
BGE 5206       Bio-Reaction Engineering
BGE 5207       Applied Genetic Engineering
BGE 5208       Seminar Session (compulsory for all students)
BGE 5209       Principles of Management
BGE 5210 Graduate Research Program (compulsory for all students)
Any five courses are mandatory during semester 1; during semester 2, the students are expected to choose any four courses besides Course No. 5208 and 5210.