Why study here?

As opposed to the prevailing system of higher education in the public sphere, a new trend of private initiatives has become apparent since the early 1990s. UODA's goal is to equip its graduates with the necessary skill and knowledge for meeting today's challenging economy.

We learn from the experiences of developments worldwide. Our motto is to find alternatives to the currently received wisdom in the field of social development. The name Development Alternative embodies that spirit. It aims at the development of an educated manpower with practical training and adequate motivation, so that aim to both build up their careers and contribute to national development, which will help meet the present challenges in all spheres of life.

Our strategy is founded on: 

  • Faculties comprising of highly qualified and internationally experienced teachers;
  • Practical teaching and job-oriented training programme as an integral part of the university curriculam.

UODA is located at one of the major areas of the city, where students can find various facilities, such as shops, restaurants, theatres, art galleries and so on, easily accessible, and the location is also easily commutable. In the campus, a vibrant and friendly environment is maintained, which makes it easier for the students to communicate with the staff and other fellow members comfortably. UODA is proud to offer various facilities within the institution, which makes the academic experience for a student more enjoyable. For more information on the facilities that we offer, please click the Facilities link on the left hand side of the page.