Course Curricula (ETE)

Bachelor's Program)  

Year 1
Semester 1

Course Code Course Title
BCH-101 Bangladesh: Culture & Heritage
ENG-1101 English Foundation-l
ENG-1102 English Foundation-ll
ENG-1103 English Foundation-lll
CSE-102L Computer Application Lab

Semester 2

Course Code Course Title
MAT-121 Coordinate Geometry & Vector Analysis
PHY-121 Physics II
EEE-121 Electrical Circuits I
EEE-122 Electrical Circuits I Lab
MAT-111 Differential and Integral Calculus
PHY-111      Physics I
PHY-112           Physics I Lab

Semester 3

Course Code Course Title
MAT-131 Differential Equations and Special Functions
EEE-131         Electrical Circuits II
EEE-132 Electrical Circuits II Lab
ETE-133 Electronic Circuits I
ETE-134 Electronic Circuits I Lab
ETE-136 Engineering Drawing Lab

Year 2
Semester 4

Course Code Course Title
EEE-211  Energy Conversion
MAT-211 Linear Algebra and Complex Variables
ETE-211 Electronic Circuits II
ETE-212          Electronic Circuits II Lab
CHM-111           Chemistry
CHM-112 Chemistry Lab
ETE-111 Introduction to Telecommunication & Computer Engineering

Semester 5

Course Code Course Title
  General Education Course 1
MAT-221 Probability & Statistics
ETE-221 Introduction to Computer Programming
ETE-222 Introduction to Computer Programming Lab
ETE-223 Signals and Systems

  Semester 6

  Course Code Course Title
  General Education Course 2
ETE-231 Communication Theory
ETE-232 Communication Theory Lab
ETE-233 Digital Electronics
ETE-234 Digital Electronics Lab

Year 3
Semester 7

Course Code Course Title
  General Education Course 3
ETE-311 Electromagnetic Fields & Waves
ETE-313 Digital Signal Processing
ETE-314 Digital Signal Processing Lab
ETE-315 Information Theory and Coding

Semester 8

 Course Code Course Title
  General Education Course 4
ETE-321 Microprocessors & Computer Interfacing
ETE-322 Microprocessors & Computer Interfacing Lab
EEE-323 Control Systems
EEE-324 Control Systems Lab

 Semester 9

 Course Code Course Title
ETE-331 Data Communication & Computer Networks
ETE-332 Data Communication & Computer Networks Lab
ETE-333 Solid State Devices
ETE-335 Digital Communication
ETE-336 Digital Communication Lab

Year 4
Semester 10

Course Code Course Title
ETE-411 Telecommunication Transmission & Switching
ETE-412 Telecommunication Transmission & Switching Lab
ETE-414 Electronic System Design Lab
CSE-30X Interdisciplinary Course
CSE-30X Interdisciplinary Course Lab
ETE-498 Thesis / Project

Semester 11

 Course Code Course Title
ETE-422 Communication System Design Lab
ETE-46X Special Elective Course (Electronics)
ETE-46X Special Elective Course (Electronics) Lab
ETE-45X Elective Course (Electronics) 2
ETE-45X Elective Course (Telecommunication) 1
ETE-498 Thesis / Project (continuation)

Semester 12

 Course Code Course Title
ETE-47X Special Elective Course (Telecommunication)
ETE-47X Special Elective Course (Telecommunication) Lab
ETE-45X Elective Course (Telecommunication) 2
ETE-498 Thesis / Project (continuation)