Dean's Message

 Welcome to the students of Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Development Alternative (UODA).

Science is the relentless pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence. In the Faculty of Life Sciences of UODA more than 40 faculties are striving by acquiring and delivering their knowledge to enhance the development and skills of the students in the domains of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, and Physics and a lot more. The knowledge is focused on addressing the biggest challenges that humanity is facing today. The world is changing rapidly and our understanding should run at a similar pace. This Faculty is advancing and taking on some of the biggest challenges that humanity is facing today. Through researching across the disciplines we are paving the routes and solutions to the challenges that will bring out a healthier and more secure sustainable future for humanity. This journey is extremely exciting for a student of science.

We are trying to equip our graduates for the changing world of the future, and we are deeply committed to passing on the scientific curiosity and sense of adventure that abounds at UODA. We are committed to helping build the next generations of scientists, and help them to build a better future for all. Scientists here are ranked among the top 2% in the world by discovering drugs and nutrition that provide new routes to tackling health and diseases. It is an exciting journey to live in this era of global climate changes, emergence of new zoonotic viruses, and chronic food shortages but at the same time we express our commitment to solve these problems with our research skills and scientific integrity.

So, I welcome the students to explore the opportunity of building and advancing their knowledge with a globally enlightened team in this faculty and hope to inspire the students to lifelong fulfilment in science.


Professor Rownak Jahan, PhD


Faculty of Life Sciences