Lowest Tuition Fees and Other Expenses

UODA's tuition fees and expenses are amongst the lowest of all private universities in the country. We provide equal opportunity of access to higher education to all students. (For more information on our Equal Opportunity Policy, please do not hesitate to contact the UODA Admission Office.)

Transport Facilities

Having a transport system of its own, UODA provides buses and microbuses that transposrts to all major areas of Dhaka city, by picking up and dropping off students to and from the major bus stops in the city. This facility, unfortunately, does not extend to off-the-highway roads at the moment. However, we continue to monitor the evolving needs of our students and faculty members in transportation as we expand our academic commitments.

Residence Facilities

UODA provides hostel accommodation to all its students, both male and female, who are in need of such facilities. Living in a UODA hostel has many advantages. It is within walking distance to the campus and has a lively and friendly atmosphere. The hostels are staffed with resident teachers who provide care and support at all times. There are security guards and other staff serving the hostel round the clock.

Financial Assistance and Scholarships

The expenses of university education can be a major concern for many students and their families. But tuition fees and other expenses at UODA, as noted above, are amongst the lowest in the country. In meeting their university costs at UODA, students can expect some financial assistance from part-time employment, and some from scholarships and stipends. The Financial Assistance Office at UODA is committed to helping students, depending on their financial needs and academic performance.

Computing Facilities and Services

Technology has increasingly become an integral part of education in the 21st century. Here at UODA as well, computers are fundamentally used for learning, instructing, and conducting research. UODA facilitates computer services in various buildings which are accessible for use at all times by staff and students. This facility features latest PCs with updated softwares , tuned into the university network and connected with colour printers and other multimedia. Our IT Help Desk areon campus to support our students whenever required and provides quality assistance in resolving technical disputes. 


A high-speed broadband connection has been installed within the campus , and operates in the entire netwrok for use by our student and staff at all times. 

Courses on Law, Human Rights, Development, Computer Science and English

These courses are mandatory for all students, irrespective of their discipline, and are designed to help students in many different ways. The aim is to provide students with the necessary knowledge on basic laws of human rights and politics both in both national and international spheres. English courses are designed to help students reach a level of English proficiency that is necessary for success in academic and practical life. Computer Science courses are designed in such a way that the students can get more efficient and get a working knowledge on the usage of computers. 


UODA library houses a large number of books and journals on various disciplines, to support the needs of the students in different courses. The library is accessible to all students and faculty members within the university. Apart from the main Central Library, there also exist seven additional libraries in each of the seven campus buildings, which house books relevant to each field.

Health Centre

UODA has its own Health Center staffed by qualified medical personnel. A senior medical doctor is present at the Health Center at all times to assist students and staff on any emergency.

Food Services

UODA provides its students and staff with an Alternative Food Service (AFS), with lower costs. Students can thus avail themselves to lunch and snacks with reasonable prices. This service is maintained hygienically and offers a big variety on the food menu.

Industrial Training Program (INTRA)

UODA ensures the relevance of its academic programmes to the industrial and commercial world. An important part of this philosophy is the INTRA programme, through which the student will be able to develop a practical understanding of the world of industry and commerce. INTRA formally integrates the students' academic preparation with closely coordinated realistic jobs or internships, based on the objectives of each course.

Recreational & Cultural Programs

UODA organizes social, cultural and sporting activities throughout the year, as a measure to develop the extra-curriculum potentials of students. Besides a Central Cultural Forum, UODA encourages all students and faculties to form their own Journal Clubs and Departmental Cultural Forums. UODA also actively encourages all students to participate in debates, seminar, art shows and other activities, relevant to their specific departments.

Career Services

UODA is proud to host a Career Service that provides invaluable advice to help individual career planning, and offers information about vacancies and opportunities in relevant fields. Students can avail themselves to use this service throughout their academic life at UODA. Career Service offer workshops on career planning, interviewing skills and CV writing. Advisors are available to assist students on an individual basis in career planning and their search for employment opportunities. UODA has links with employers from various businesses, industries, NGOs, health and educational institutions, who come to UODA to interview and recruit students for internship and permanent jobs.