Message of the VC

The University of Development Alterative (UODA) started its onward journey in 2002 with the mission of providing meritorious students with an affordable education complete with the most up-to-date teaching and research delivered by the best teachers of the country. Two decades later, the University has proved itself by being one of the topmost Universities in Bangladesh. UODA has excellent research activities going on in Bioinformatics, infectious Disease, Natural Products and Drug Discovery, and Pharmacology with research papers mostly published in Q1 journals of the world. Not only in the scientific field, but also in the artistic arena, the fine Arts Department has made a name for itself with exhibitions of various forms of artwork especially in the areas of portrait and scroll painting. At the moment , almost 70% of the alumni of the Department of Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering are abroad either pursuing higher studies or engaged in research and academic jobs, past students of the Department of Pharmacy are in academic jobs in the USA after completing postdocs in prestigious US institutions like Harvard and MIT, Business Administration alumni are in some of the best known banks and financial institutions of Bangladesh , and Department of Law alumni have become Supreme Court lawyers by the dozens. Students of Engineering Faculty have demonstrated their remarkable talents not only in going abroad for advanced studies and research, but also are leaving their marks in various banks and other intuitions of Bangladesh. The same applies to the students of three other Departments, the Department of Communication and Media Studies, Department of Music, and the English Department. Students from these Departments have earned national recognition by joining various media sections, banks, academic institutions, and through their musical performances, respectively.   

We do not consider at UODA that our journey has ended. We believe our journey has only begun with loftier hills to climb and more objectives to be attained in our pursuit of having and increasingly prosperous country with conscientious and dedicated citizens. We aim to have our rightful place in the world among the countries in the uppermost ladder and not the lower rungs. We want our students to learn to deliver to the country instead of only demanding benefits. And finally, we want to be a University whose students can fill proud of as their alma mater throughout their life.

Prof.Dr. Rahmatullah