A Scientific Triumph

A Scientific Triumph

Prominent researcher, scientist and professor Mohammad Rahmatullah has proved himself to be one of the leading assets of our country. His research projects have paved the way for many scientific breakthroughs. He has published over 485 journals throughout his career. In 2012, Rahmatullah was mentioned among the top 64 researchers of the millennium by Bangladesh Development Research Centre (BDRC). Recently Webomatrics Ranking of World Universities ranked him as the topmost research scientist in Bangladesh. His research include improving determination methods for urea and citrulline, discovering a new sub-unit of pyruvate dehydrogenase enzyme, discovering a novel kinase from Candida lipolytica and many more. He is currently working as the Pro Vice Chancellor of the University of Development Alternative (UODA), and is the Dean of the Faculty of Life Science at UODA.

Born in August 31, 1951, the researcher received his secondary education from St. Gregory High School. “When I was in class 6, somebody asked me what I wanted to do in my life. I still remember that I said to him that I wanted to be a scientist,” says Rahmatullah. He achieved 1st division in both secondary and higher secondary examinations. He obtained his undergraduate and graduate degree from the University of Dhaka in Biochemistry, after which Rahmatullah did his PhD from the University of Hong Kong.

His career may have started as a lecturer, but over the years, Mohammad Rahmatullah has worked in many reputed places such as Kansas State University, Auburn University, Pennsylvania State University and many more.  “When I came back to the country, I was in a bit of dilemma regarding what I wanted to do,” says the professor. “That is when I started thinking of doing a research on paddy husk.” Mohammad Rahamatullah, along with his team and collaborators, found an extraction procedure for obtaining a crude extract from paddy husk which can cure bird flu, a number of fish, shrimp, and poultry diseases and has a strong potential for curing pancreatic cancer. This research has brought Rahamatullah to the limelight as one of the most dominant scientists of the country. Recently he has obtained an international patent over this.

His research on the extraction of paddy husk is now waiting to be on clinical trial.

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