Undergraduate Course Curricula (LLB)

Department of Law and Human Rights

Bachelor Program

Year 1
Semester 1   

Course Code

Course Title


Bangladesh: Culture & Heritage


English Foundation-l


English Foundation-ll


English Foundation-lll


Computer Application Lab


Semester 2  

Course Code

Course Title

LHR 1021

Law of Contract- I

LHR 1023

Interpretation of Statutes

LHR 1012

Constitutional Law I

LHR 1011

Legal System of Bangladesh


Semester 3

Course Code

Course Title

LHR 1031

Jurisprudence and Legal Theory

LHR 1032

Law of Contract- II

LHR 1033

Islamic Law- I

LHR 1034

Law of Tort

LHR 1022

Constitutional Law- II


Year 2
Semester 4    

Course Code

Course Title

LHR 2041

Islamic Law- II

LHR 2042

Law of Equity and Trust

LHR 2043

Law of Registration and Public Demands Recovery

LHR 2044

Law of Transfer of Property


Semester 5  

Course Code

Course Title

LHR 2051

Company Law

LHR 2052

Land Laws of Bangladesh

LHR 2053

Labour and Industrial Law

LHR 2054



Semester 6

Course Code

Course Title

LHR 2061

Code of Criminal Procedure- I

LHR 2062

Criminal Law- I

LHR 2063

Hindu Law

LHR 2064

Law of Specific Relief and Law of Limitation


Year 3
Semester 7      

Course Code

Course Title

LHR 3071

Code of Criminal Procedure- II

LHR 3072

Criminal Law- II

LHR 3073

Code of  Civil Procedure- I

LHR 3074

Human Rights


Semester 8  

Course Code

Course Title

LHR 3081

Code of  Civil Procedure -II

LHR 3082

Law of Evidence-I

LHR 3083

Business Law -I (Sale, Carriage and Partnership))

LHR 3084

CR PC III & Drafting (Criminal)


Semester 9

Course Code

Course Title

LHR 3091

Code of  Civil Procedure- III

LHR 3092

Business Law -II (Insurance, Bankruptcy and Negotiable Instrument).

LHR 3093

Banking and Securities Exchange Laws

LHR 3094 

Law of Evidence-II


Year 4
Semester 10    

Course Code

Course Title

LHR 4101  

Civil Drafting & Conveyancing

LHR 4102

Law of Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

LHR 4103

Administrative Law

LHR 4104

Advocacy workshop (Criminal)


Semester 11

Course Code

Course Title

LHR 4111

Advocacy Workshop (civil) and Conveyancing

LHR 4112

Public International Law-I

LHR 4113

Laws Relating to Taxation and Customs

LHR 4114

Law of International Trade


Semester 12

Course Code

Course Title

LHR 4121

Advanced Advocacy Workshop

LHR 4122

Law and Development

LHR 4123 

Public International Law-II

LHR 4124

Law of Intellectual Property