Programme (BGE)

It will take four years of full time study to qualify for a Bachelor degree in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering.  For biotechnology graduates, the Master degree program will take one year with a combination of courses and original research work followed by presentation of a research dissertation. The students from other scientific disciplines may enroll in the Master degree program but may need to complete pre-requisite courses. Even within Bangladesh, the emerging biotechnologists can contribute to a number of areas:

  • Development of salt-tolerant, drought-tolerant and insect resistant crops.    
  • Mitigation of arsenic and other environmental problems.
  • Bio-pesticides.
  • Development of recombinant DNA products like insulin, interferon, streptokinase and vaccines.
  • Development of transgenic animals, fish, poultry and crops.
  • Preventive, affordable health care, including gene therapy.
  • Phytoremediation and bio-remediation.